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Welcome To Atlantic

Founded in 1992, Atlantic Asset Management is a nationally competitive multi-strategy asset management firm based in Stamford, CT, specializing in fixed income, overlay, and alternatives strategies for a global institutional and private clientele. 

Independent and employee-owned, Atlantic manages in-house approximately $2 billion in fixed income strategies, including core plus, high yield, short duration, LDI and enhanced stock indexing, plus approximately $9.5 billion in overlay and advisory strategies, and in addition currently sponsors five (5) independently managed hedge fund and alternative investment businesses.
Atlantic’s sponsorship program, a long established stewardship platform in the U.S., provides promising young investment firms with acceleration capital, marketing and distribution services back-office, systems, risk management, and/or compliance resources, plus co-management opportunities. Since 1997 this Program has included Structured Portfolio Management (hedged mortgage securities), Tortoise Capital Advisors (MLPs), Fountain Capital Management (high yield), Atlantic’s TALF program, and the Clearwater Series of CDOs, among others.
Current platform managers include 25 Capital Partners (distressed residential loans), Vaquero Global Investment (emerging market credit), Millstreet Capital Management (L/S mid-market high yield), and LNG Capital (euro-zone credit).  Millstreet and LNG interests are held in the Palmer Square Emerging Manager Fund, in which Atlantic is a joint venture partner.